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Privacy Schmrivacy

Privacy Schmrivacy discusses a process for drafting a privacy policy as part of a larger effort to improve the electronic sharing of information across the criminal justice system. It includes recommendations to guide the activities of a diverse privacy policy committee composed of justice system practitioners and representative from academic, civil rights, and victim services circles. The report places great emphasis on understanding the privacy policy choices already made in the area of justice information sharing so that new privacy challenges can be more completely addressed.

Although this document laid the foundation for the IIJIS Privacy Policy Subcommittees work, that group diverged from the process in two significant respects. First, the subcommittee shifted its focus from the Fair Information Practices (FIPs) to identifying specific privacy issues in need of resolution. Second, the subcommittee decided to develop a set of best practices and recommendations rather than binding policy. These shifts in focus and direction and the reasons the subcommittee proceeded will be explained in the Drafting privacy policy in 137 deceptively easy steps article currently being drafted.